2012 New Real Estate Laws

SB 837: Sellers Disclosing Water-Conserving Plumbing Fixtures SB: NHD Companies Disclosing Mining Operations AB 771: No Fee Bundling for HOA Disclosures SB 510: Brokers Designating Managers SB 706: Strengthening DRE Enforcement SB 53: DRE Issuing Citations and Fines SB 53: Reporting Broker-Owned Escrows and Securities Qualification Exemptions AB 1424: DRE Suspending Largest Tax Delinquents SB 6: Agents Handling Appraisal Issues SB 221: Increasing Small Claims to $10,000 SB 4: Revising the Notice of Sale SB 150: Renting Out Condominiums SB 332: Tenants Smoking Ban SB 337: Tenants Displaying Political Signs AB 341: Tenants Recycling Rights.  To read about each law, click here: http://glenoaksescrow.com/2012-new-real-estate-laws/.