City Council Leans Toward Electricity Rate Hikes in Glendale

The majority of the council said they were open to five years of increases through 2018, beginning with an average 8% increase, followed by 7%, 5%, 2% and 2%. The compounded increase would be 29.1% for residential customers, 25.9% for commercial customers and 22.9% for small commercial customers, according to a city report. Full story: Source: Also in the news, Glendale Water & Power officials are looking to expand a popular pilot program featuring a digital picture frame that displays energy use and costs in near real-time from about 70 testers to 500. Full story: Source: Local officials with the Foothill Municipal Water District have designed a way to divert and treat some of the city’s wastewater and return it directly to a local groundwater store. Full story: Source: California health officials postpone new chromium 6 limit levels. Full story: Source: