Commercial & Industrial Building Owners Can Reduce Energy Consumption by 95%

Stevenson Real Estate Services has developed a unique relationship with a technology company that converts an AC unit from an energy guzzler to a more efficient hybrid much like a hybrid car uses a battery for the gas engine to increase efficiency.  The AC unit will consume 95% less energy during the peak of the day because the state of the art unit stores energy at night and delivers that energy during peak hours.  Maintenance of an existing HVAC unit remains the building owner’s responsibility.  Qualified buildings must be structurally sound, three stories or less, and have HVAC systems compatible with the energy saving technology.  85% of HVAC units are compatible.  Buildings built before 1950 do not qualify, and there are 150 buildings in Glendale that are qualified.  The impact on a building is a 15% reduction in its power bill.  Energy costs are predicted to increase by 4% per year.  For more information, please contact any of our brokers at 818-956-7001.